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Wish List For Next Update

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Black Hand Gang, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. The next significant update may still be a way off but wondering what people would most like to see.

    This has been covered - but sure new ideas out there

    My wish list:

    1) New villain (obviously) but more importantly a rebalance. Needs to be a counter to Bane as the best defender and the layout that a lot of gangs have adopted.

    2) more variety in AI missions, Revealing Docs, Ring Around the Block etc have gotten very old. I would like to see a Defence variety like when Waller attacked your base. But this time with LOTS of police. It would be a good way to test your Defence.

    3) some new traps. Shark Tank?

    4) and ISO safe would be nice!
  2. @The Black Hand Gang, wouldn't Harley be considered a counter to bane? I mean her jack of hearts level 5 is so powerful if used properly.
    Also, Alex posted screenshots of 3 starring the top 10 players and most of those raids were done with croc. I dnt really know how he does it, I never use croc coz he's melee.
    So he seems like a good counter to Bane too. But yes! Bane with bull rush 5 and might 4 is deadly. My thugs dont stand a chance :(

    Let's keep hoping they address all those points though. Pretty good ideas :D

    But we reallly reallly reaaallllyyyyy need an option to share resources and what not within syndicate members!!
    And a 1:1 ratio of losses:gain for isotopes. ( @Chelu, have u tried it recently? coz i'm pretty sure it's 40-60% for me)
  3. The thing about Croc & the reason why I prefer him to match with Bane, he can soak damage & then gain life later. He is also pretty fast in clearing a room full of Items.

    For the wishlist, I was hoping for Arkham Knight in the future. But if they are going to base it on the story line for Arkham, I really do not think this is going to happen. Clayface would be nice, to be able to copy other Villains of your choice. :);)
  4. Chelu

    Chelu Assassin

    Have not raided syndicate members in a loong time (since I barely play anymore) so not sure if this has changed in the past months. Now that you've mentioned it I wonder if it's always been the same and I just happened to look at a few raids where the isos lost were about the same as the ones gained... and decided it was 1 to 1.
  5. Darkseid24

    Darkseid24 Punk

    I rather want a new area on the map, new objects we can get and more story based villain missions. Being able to level up the villains a few levels more would also be nice.

    And yeah Bane gets annoying. Almost everyone is using him as a defender.
  6. @Darkseid24, they've given a sneak peek on a new item. Idk about yours, but my black market shows a "home theater" which unlocks at CR 15 and the weird thing about that is that it's 100 points by itself :O which means it can specialize a room by itself. It also says, has room for all your friends, which makes me think if that's like a special room by itself.
  7. @Chelu hmm maybe, it was never, even once 1:1 for me :/ Lost quite a lot of isotopes few weeks ago. Mine and Welovebatman's
  8. Darkseid24

    Darkseid24 Punk

    @Abc - beat the bat

    That's up there since a year, but I guess better than nothing. I would rather want new objects like the aquarium or a library.
  9. Dragnmistris

    Dragnmistris Administrator Staff Member

    Great discussion everyone! Thanks for posting this.
  10. Archer

    Archer Rascal

    I think there should also be a new neighborhood
  11. Yes, a new neighbourhood would be great, that Arkham island is taunting me! But I wouldn't like an increase to the 6 hour jail time. More story would be cool.
  12. John Snow's Bastard

    John Snow's Bastard New Recruit

    Here's my tuppenceworth...

    1. Replace/ refine some of the undesirable/ weak features e.g. Assassins
    2. Rebalance the defence/ offence algorithm so the vault/ lab isn't technically/ mathematically impossible to breach in the right config
    3. A new neighbourhood/ villain(s) yada yada

    Right on the verge of maxing-out my upgrades now. Feel like the development team owe us something now, not least for the dollar some people have ploughed in.
  13. I agree Assasins need a buff, either drop them back to 3 car spaces from 4 or maybe something cooler where you can select which room they enter like the purple iso that allows you to drop in gun men.
  14. ArkhamAvenger1259

    ArkhamAvenger1259 New Recruit

    I think it would be cool if you could get different outfits for characters as they level up and it would also be amazing if you added characters for the show Gotham such as Jerome Valeska
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  15. Skull

    Skull Rascal

    Next update ...... dreaming on

    Ok but in case of an update, I would like to see my raids and love to play with the sound on, that would be fun I guess after playing without any sounds for almost 5 months.
    Also the graphic glitches and large amount of resets and crashes after a raid.
  16. Darkseid24

    Darkseid24 Punk


    Without sound? That really sucks! You are playing on Android, right? Aren't there any android users here, who can say, if they have the same issue, since I have never heard anyone here having so many problems with the game like you. Maybe it's your device. Not meant to be insulting or mean, I am just saying it could be your device. I am playing on IOS and it rarely crushes and thankfully the sound never was gone. Hope that gets fixed soon.


    That would be great, but Jerome is Joker ( up until now) so he could be a skin for him, if we ever get Joker and skins.
  17. Skull

    Skull Rascal

    I use a Samsung galaxy tab s2 8 inch with latest android version. A very fast device with good graphics.
    I only experiencing this much trouble with bau! Did the usual stuff like reinstalling game and even reset my device.
    Non worked, so only option is to play without sound. Sometimes as a treat I put on bosses voice but I always loose the raid because of the stuttering.

    Btw for next update I would see poison ivy
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  18. I was thinking for the next update...why not a Syndicate VS. Syndicate which will require the participation of all Syndicate members.
  19. @Skull @Darkseid24 sound does work for me on Android. but from the moment it's on, the game is unplayable. Its like watching something that goes at 2 frames per second with buffering
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  20. Darkseid24

    Darkseid24 Punk

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