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When We Are Can See Any Update?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dimondere, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Dimondere

    Dimondere Petty Thief

    Hey admin we are all have a question..
    When you show us update or date of update that game?
  2. ? - Boss - last ride

    ? - Boss - last ride Petty Thief

    Any news would be nice, I really enjoy this game. Please let us know if there are delays interfering with a release, it would mollify the masses of active players who have voiced displeasure at being kept in the dark. Thanks, hope to raid something new soon.
  3. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Gunman Beta Tester

    Never! Lol they even deleted the last update patch note thread they made. Game is dead! Sad to say I loved this game In the beta. :( I wish it was as successful as something like marvel future fight.

    I bet I won't get a full response!!
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
  4. Skull

    Skull Rascal

    They wont, like you said the game is dead! Even if they make an update they have lost their fanbase so they know there is no use in making one. Instead they make a g.o.t.game which is gonna bring them more money (they hope).

    Have you tried shadow of mordor? The new game from warner bros, it starts out real fun untill they need money and you cant advance without. Games arnt fun anymore, the whole microtransactions and iap have ruind the fun.
    Dont get me wrong, i like to pay for games which are good but face it bau isnt that much fun, its waiting, some building, some copy paste and the raids thats it, what made this game fun was the syndicate and the climbing in ranks. But like any other game from turbine or warner bros the games are thin and money doesnt get you anywhere untill you spend more to find out its a bottomless pit.

    Im back to emulators for my android and have a great time with mario, final fantasy, metal gear, kingdoms heart and all the great games made in the past and i have only payed once for the emulators.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
  5. Dimondere

    Dimondere Petty Thief

    I think you are right guys:( I'm back to emulators too for android)) psp is nice working on s7edge : assasin creed. Tekken 6. Fifa street 2.with gamepad))
  6. Darkseid24

    Darkseid24 Punk

    I wouldn’t say it’s dead, since me and some others are still playing it, but I also doubt, that there will ever be an update.
  7. Nicronous

    Nicronous Gunman

    Dead, not dead, I still enjoy the game so I will still play it. If there is no crossover with Justice league then there may not be another update. I suspect that whomever is handling Turbines paychecks is deciding where the cycles get spent, and so far that has not been with us, but they are keeping the lights on and our time may come yet again.
  8. Skull

    Skull Rascal

    A dead game is a game which only a few play and that wont receive any update and where crusial bugs like not been able to see your raids wont get solved, where there is totally no communication between the devs and the fans even if they are screaming for an update, when it takes hours to notice the server is down and only 3 people react on the forum.

    But i could be wrong....... nah its dead
  9. Dragnmistris

    Dragnmistris Administrator Staff Member

    Hey all,

    We do not have any plans to shut down BAU right now. We just don't have any news when it comes to our next update :(
  10. Darkseid24

    Darkseid24 Punk


    On consoles you also don’t get much updates, that gives you constantly new content. The game is still working and they at least react, when the servers are down. I am seeing it from that point of view.
  11. Chelu

    Chelu Assassin

    True, but this is not a console game with the occasional DLC. On consoles at least you get finished games that are still self contained and allow you a sense of completion whether you get extra updates and content for them or not. This is a game that has no end, and I'm not talking just story wise, I am talking game mechanics wise. This was clearly meant to be a bigger game, but I guess it just did not attract enough players, didn't make enough money, and it was abandoned at around the half way (maybe 3/4) mark. I mean just take a look at this page I found http://singerko.com/projects/8ENKQ. Models have been developed, designed and 3d rendered for further upgrades of objects in our base (we'll never get the curved TV :( ) but never implemented. So the ground work was done for a bigger game, the problem was the game never got to be a big success I guess. Would have been nice if they literally just had the 1 extra neighborhood that allowed us to get to truly max out everything in our bases. Extra villain would have been cherry on top at that point.
    I kept hoping to get that school bus garage pictured on the main page of the BAU website, but now I know that is something that will never be :( I did everything there was to do in this game, got almost to the top of the heap in PVP, upgraded everything there was to upgrade... and now, just sitting back and occasionally watching the forums. A last update announcement would bring me back to this awesome game in an instant, but sadly that will never happen.
  12. ? - Boss - last ride

    ? - Boss - last ride Petty Thief

    I want the lvl 9 Hacker set-up showed in your link, it looks sweet. As for the update, I'm just going to keep making suggestions till I get someone's attention. Post more later.
  13. Darkseid24

    Darkseid24 Punk


    True, but I still think we had a lot of content, even so there of course could be more. Especially because new villains were teased.
  14. There have been sooooooo many active players lately. Probably was dead for a bit, but now there are soo many new players and old players have come back!
    Earlier there was 1 person who had 6K dominance and then shortly after it became 2. But now, top 9 are all 6k+ and climbing.
    When I hit top 10, I was just below 5k. Now, you need 5k to be in the top 25!
    Syndicate wise, GNH players seem to be back, took a bit longer than expected to overtake you guys and there are so many other syndicates climbing the dominance ladder. Earlier it was just GNH that was 100K+ now there are 3.
    Syndicate star challenge wise, it's not as competitive as it was before, but some groups are still going at it and is VERY active.

    Also, according to the Note 8 game launcher's info, the number of active players are growing each week. This week, there've been 1.67k active android players logging in at least 8 times a day. There's some stats :p
  15. alexliuuk

    alexliuuk Gunman

    Unfortunately there are about 5 players playing on a regular basis from GNH including myself :( but any activity is good, hopefully encouraging some update/development.
  16. ? - Boss - last ride

    ? - Boss - last ride Petty Thief

    Tell them you like my ideas, if enough players post it gives the project manager something to take to the suits. I won't be satisfied until we have a complete game, who's with me?
  17. Mr.Caputo

    Mr.Caputo New Recruit

    I'm afraid this game is going to die, because of Warner Brothers.
    Lately their games have been, one behind the other, an attempt to promote other products that are not related to the genre of that game.
    A big example? Suicide Squad. What I have noticed in Arkham Underworld is how it has tried to promote "Suicide Squad", considering it was coming out in 2016. Great media campaign, but the movie was a flop.
    But it's not just here. Another example is in Injustice 2, where instead of showing Hellboy's dlc, WB games released the Atom trailer, and its apparition is no coincidence, considering the next TV series of DC comics where Atom should appear .
    What I really regret is the dishonesty of this tremendous marketing campaign, exploiting the brand insensibly without investing in its potential.
    Honestly, it would have been possible to invest more in this game. Sure with bad guys about the world of Batman and that of the Arkham series.
    If there were some bad Batman appearing in other series, well, that's welcome. More characters to fill our game.
    But what I see here is just a bad decision. Constant upgrades would make the game more appealing and attracted more users, and more revenue and downloads for companies that are behind this interesting game. But no, what I see here is all suspended for marketing reasons.

    Honestly though Underworld it's a spin off of the Arkham series. Not necessarily must be canonical. We're criminals, okay, we do bad things, okay. We must not be connected to the world of Batman Arkham. There is the story of conquering the city of Gotham, okay. We have our fun with this sort of "clash of clans" with supercriminals. You can do and turning this into a nice game.
    Give us at least the chance to have updates. If it's the gain, well, just look at the topic of the suggestions open to us. There are so many possibilities. But not just related to marketing reasons on other products, because then WB, you're really killing your video games. And I think certain products have to be separated from video games because they are totally different from the context.
  18. Nicronous

    Nicronous Gunman

    Why shouldn't they cross promote thier other products through this one if they own both? All of these game exist because of money, it costs money to keep them running, money to pay the staff, and money to develop it further. If this game has the numbers to be self sufficient and turn a good profit then it might not matter but if it does not then it comes down to how much value it adds to the brand.

    Have you ever considered the possibility that the ability to cross promote the game along with the desire to have a product within the mobile market could be the very reason the game is still around? This game may not have the numbers to support itself on its own, this is not clash of clans.

    As for the continuity within the universe it has to be maintained, you may not care about it but for the owners of the intellectual property it is even very important. There are even threads on this board where members are scrutinizing everything about the game to see exactly where in the Arkham time line it fits, if they start messing around with things they will upset a lot more people and create headaches for themselves and devalue the brand.
  19. Mr.Caputo

    Mr.Caputo New Recruit

    I see. Well i didn't know that. Ok better respecting the timeline then.
    BTW, back on what i said before, I mean is you are creating the product to promote other products. And then stop making other updates to make other games to promote other products. I do not know but it seems a waste of potential.
    But as I said before, it's okay to promote new products with new upgrades in the game.
    This game has simply performed its function: promoting Suicide Squad and Batman Arkham.
    We just had some ads promoting Injustice 2 Mobile and Shadow of Mordor. And then enough.
    Honestly there could be a small quest and / or some bonus for those two games that allowed us to have money, respect, diamonds, a new object for our shelter, or a new villain.

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