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Very Confusing Raid Defense

Discussion in 'Bug Reports and Customer Support' started by Popious, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Popious

    Popious Petty Thief

    So I was raided. It happens. But I can't make heads or tails of the report. They got 1 of 3 stars, yet 0 cash and 0 respect. They had 0 mercenaries and had 3 killed. I gained nearly 2000 points for the ranking, giving me +0 total.

    Wtf am I looking at here? 20170809_153642.png
  2. Nicronous

    Nicronous Gunman

    the only thing I can help with is the Mercs they can come from a purple isotope or they can be from the syndicate both of those show for me as attackers defeated but not as deployed.
  3. +1949 DP gained? Hows that? :):eek:
  4. alexliuuk

    alexliuuk Gunman

    Display bug
  5. sos123

    sos123 Rascal

    I remember seeing this kind of screen from time to time but not often. My only explanation is that during the raid your attacker went offline - run out of juice or something...
  6. @Popious and @Nicronous, those mercs arent from isotope devices. They are from his own troops. You just have to scroll sideways on their "Attackers deployed" section to see all the different classes of thugs they deployed. You can't see it in that view because he deployed a lot of classes. But the cash, respect and dominance is just a display bug like alex said.
  7. Nicronous

    Nicronous Gunman

    @ABC You might be right about the about what he has deployed, I did the math and he does have enough space for 3 mercs. However I have personally seen where it has listed troops from the yellow isotopes in the attackers defeated.
    I only run with Gunmen, Tanks and Demomen but I have a permanent yellow isotope that gives me an assassin that protects my SV, on a few occasions that assassin will show up in my troops defeated. The same has held true with the merc that drops in from the ceiling. One instance when I noticed this was when that "assassin" body guard left my SV and ran off storming the Control room an their own.
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  8. i see. ive used a few devices that gave me an assassin but the never showed up on my thugs deployed. oh well haha
  9. Nicronous

    Nicronous Gunman

    basicially I am too lazy top scroll through all of my iso's to get to the end to change them and that is my only decent permanent yellow so it is what I always run. it does not happen all the time just on rare occasions like when it stopped being a protecting me.

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