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Power Walking Bane

Discussion in 'Bug Reports and Customer Support' started by Popious, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Popious

    Popious Petty Thief

    Frequent problem. I play with bane, I'm set up to break down a door. It breaks. I tell him to bull charge. He puts on a green hulahoop of arrows and powerwalks in the direction I say and then stands motionless staying at the bullets flying at him. I have retapped the skill, retapped the direction, everything I can. I'm left with 2 options, let my main die or run around like a useless fuck the rest of the level.

    For the love of god, PATCH THE FUCKING GAME!
  2. It happens when you click it when he's busy doing something else or u tap fast and u press on a guard or an object and not the floor. Usually if u tap fast, you're screwed. Just relax and tap half a second after the arrows come up

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