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Please Read, Some Ideas I'd Like To Share

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ? - Boss - last ride, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. ? - Boss - last ride

    ? - Boss - last ride Petty Thief

    Iceberg Lounge

    A place to hire extra troops, have special attacks preformed and get extra missions.

    Mercenaries Groups

    Spend money to make money, hire goons to make it more interesting or take that Lair you just can't beat.

    -League of Assassins
    Group of Cannon fodder the ninja equivalent of punks, can be activated right at the start. Deployed together with your SV or through all windows/doors on one side of the base being attacked.

    -Court of Owls
    A single Talon goes in and takes out a specific defender(you select the type, the A.I. selects the target) Selected at the start the Talon ignores all other sentries. Always takes the least defended route, doesn't trigger traps, so can't be used to clear a path.

    -Wonderland Gang
    Group of colourful D-list villains launches one minute into an attack. Mostly just a distraction they act as Tanks and Breakers. Maybe if your attacking someone who is upgrading a room The Carpenter will do something to assist you.

    Send a squad of Parademons into cause chaos, Punk + Tank stats. Boom Tube opens into the Contol Room unless jammed, then select a target room,

    -Blackgate Prisoners
    Already exist in the game, a group you can hire cheap but let you buff your forces. Say if you had to retake one of you lairs from another player with no access to your garages.

    Mercenary Villains

    Hire B and C rank villains to join you in taking down other players. A cut of 20% of the take goes to Penguin and whoever you hire. They act as powerful versions of a specific thug type, and need to be used with that in mind. Others can be added as the game grows till Batmans rogues gallery is complete. Each of these Villains should have a single power from one of the playable Villains.

    -Victor Zsasz -Punk (ignores objects) fear effect, no cloud.

    -The Ventriloquist -Gunman tosses grenades.

    -Solomon Grundy -Tank Freezes health bonus.

    -Blockbuster -Tank Banes Might.

    -Tweedledum or Tweedledee -Breaker Croc's ground pound.

    -Firefly -Demo Man, Fires keep burning like barrels, or shoots C4 at safes/vaults at range.

    -Sports Master -Mercenary Evade or knock down

    -Electrocutioner -Mercenary Riddler electrical attack, either one.

    -Cheshire -Assassin Evade or Scare Crow teleport (batman leap).

    Special Tricks

    -The Mad Bomber, sends race cars loaded with explosives into the enemy lair targeting random objects or traps, they race around the street outside then go into the building jumping past barricades.

    -Intergang Weapons, equip your forces with laser guns and shock rods.

    -Trojan Horse, a large crate is delivered to an enemy base tap on it during your attack to have it open releasing a wave of Crazies, at higher level extra slots open in the crate to place thugs in.

    -Sniper(not Deadshot), can be set to different modes. Trap disposal, targets traps before your thugs enter a room. Protect Super Villain, fires at anyone attacking your SV. Pin Down, keeps all sentries (Mercenaries, Crazies) trapped in a room even if they should go next door. Breakers can travel through a pinned room without fear of attack. Computer controlled, so you don't have to.

    New Missions

    Penguin holds competitions to see who can raid the best, be judged by your peers and rivals. Maybe Clue Master hosts it for him.

    -Syndicate Challenge
    Fight it out to see who can preform a raid in the best time, most kills, most complete categories. Uses the missions we're all familiar with from the base game. Let us watch the best raids or share them in Syndicate chat.

    -Challenge a Rival
    Let's you defend your lair from another player in real time, PVP would make some players very happy.
    I'd save this one for Primary Lairs if that is the path you take. It would make it interesting hunting a players SV as you try to get the coveted three star. As the defender you would either have to kill them or run, it would make for some interesting lair design.

    -Compete for the Goal
    Attack a target at the same time as another player, see who has the better plan or reflexs. It would work by matching you up at Iceberg Lounge.

    -Help a Friend
    Working together with a syndicate member would also be fun, and a good way to help another player clear a hard opponent. If you had to pay to do it and you could only preform one a day it wouldn't be that bad for the players it happens to, and sometimes they'd win. Also it wouldn't be as helpful to players at the top but weaker members of a syndicate would benefit from seeing how it's done.
  2. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Gunman Beta Tester

    Awesome ideas! To bad the game is dead!!!!!!! They won't admit it! :(

    I bet I won't get a full response!
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
  3. Dragnmistris

    Dragnmistris Administrator Staff Member

    We do not have any plans to shut down BAU right now. We just don't have any news when it comes to our next update :(
  4. ? - Boss - last ride

    ? - Boss - last ride Petty Thief

    Are my posts helpful, have they generated any interest? I have a ton of ideas, it's hard to give you the best ones with no feedback or guidelines to work inside. Anyway if my ideas are any good or you'd like me to make suggestions about a specific area of Batman lore, or criminal enterprise I'll gladly give it a go. I could go into more detail about my other suggestions too. Email me if a public forum isn't the best platform for discussing some ideas.

    Thanks Dragnmistris
  5. Dragnmistris

    Dragnmistris Administrator Staff Member

    Your posts are absolutely helpful. We just can't promise we can act on them in the near future, and I wouldn't want you to spend too much time on adding detail to something we may not be able to do.
    However! I've bookmarked your profile, and will definitely be reaching out to you if more details are needed.

    Thank you so much!!
  6. ? - Boss - last ride

    ? - Boss - last ride Petty Thief

    Good to know, any areas of the game you'd like me to think on?
  7. Dragnmistris

    Dragnmistris Administrator Staff Member

    Hmmm... nothing specific at the moment! What would you like to expand on?
  8. Mr.Caputo

    Mr.Caputo New Recruit

    Well, as our "criminal empire" rotates around racket, extortion, prostitution, drug trafficking, homicides, "black market", robbery and theft. I'm surprised that our "empire" does not have specific facilities for those businesses.
    I still remember when I was playing at GTA Vice City Stories, how could I invest my capital in a variety of facilities that acted as a "cover" for my business. And then I went to make certain missions tied to that building.
    So you could do the same.
    And from the not so popular "Godfather 2" by EA, the mechanics of investing as many guards and lieutenants for our stores and rackets would be even more interesting to handle our criminal empire.
    "Customization" would become the same for our main hideout, but every store or racket would allow greater control and influence in that particular neighborhood. Above all, considering the bonuses that a particular neighborhood offers.
    An example?

    Bowery: bonus on prostitution, gambling and "homicidal agency", increased earnings and respect for that type of racket

    Industrial zone: bonus on counterfeiting and drug revenue has increased

    Docks Area: bonus import export, black market and drug

    Chinatown: bonus on prostitution, gambling, drug, black market and "murder agency"

    And now we talk about various business:

    Like every casino, our facility needs a caveau for money, game rooms for revenue and relax rooms for "entertainment / respect"
    And here I have some objects divided into these two categories:

    Gambling Hall

    -Bank: It is used to convert money into casino chips
    slot machine: being stacked in 3 or 4, they are useful for generating quick profits and great as shelter.

    -Bingo: Slow but offers a decent gain.

    -Videopoker: as for slot machines

    -Mega slot machine: Unlike normal slot machines, it's just one and it's giant (here it would be fun to try the luck and find out what interesting prizes the game offers, such as diamonds, money, respect, isotopes, extra criminal to hire or even an additional builders for our empire)
    Betting desk: This bank allows our casino to make bets, horses, football matches, boxing matches, etc.

    -Wheel of Fortune: Not as good as cover, but great to try the luck

    -Roulette: Gambling table, great for revenue, and good as cover

    -Blackjack: Great for revenue and good as cover

    -Dice: Gambling table, great for revenue and good as cover

    -Poker table: great for private match, and good earnings

    -Texas Hold'em Table: Great for private match and great prizes

    -Bacara: Great for private matches and excellent revenue.

    Relax room:
    -Pizzeria: a small dining area, offering delicious pizzas

    -Fast food: a small dining area, offering junk food such as cheap hamburgers, hot dogs and chips

    -Chinese food: a refreshing area of medium proportions, offering delicious and crisp Chinese food

    -Sushi bar: a refreshing area of medium proportions, offering delicious sushi

    -Mini bar: a small bar for your customers

    -Medium bar: an medium bar for your customers:

    Luxury bar: a big luxurious bar for your customers

    Decorations: plants, exotic statues (neo classic, art deco, giant poker chips, playing cards), small, medium or large fountains.

    Tables: small, medium and large, such as sofas, nothing much but useful for coverage,

    Important Casino Rooms:

    Security room: These rooms constantly create security guards, as soon as an enemy invades the nearby room.

    Vault: It's never enough to have a second vault, although safes are useful, a second vault, it's always useful.

    Recycling Room: It is useful to recycle money from our illegal activities, and those of our "friends".

    Strip Club:
    Although prostitution is bad in many games, here we are in a criminal world where we are the bad guys and we do bad things. It is obvious that in this game, such activities exist.
    In this type of activity we have "pleasure and fun":
    In "pleasure" we have:

    Stripper catwalk: it's the main hall (as big as the super villain's room), with attached bar, here is where the strippers dance and walk, look but do not touch

    Stripping pole: here is where a stripper dance. Look but do not touch

    Stripping cage: here is where a stripper dance, look but do not touch.

    Hotel room: a 2x2 room with a double bed with a wardrobe, pillows here is where the "magic" happens

    Dungeon of love: a 2x2 room or dungeon for the sadics, here is where the "magic" meets the "passion"

    Peep show: 2x2 room, for lovers of "cat watching" or "bird watching"

    Sexy shop: Here, customers buy erotic toys and adult movies

    SPA: 3x3 room, offers a beauty center, spa and massage area, perfect after a hard day's work and wanting to relax.

    And for the fun:

    Nightclub: 3x3 room, huge ballroom with DJ cabin, and bar on the sides of the dance floor.

    Adult Cinema: Room 2X2 or 3x3. Only adult movies are being screened.

    "Appointments" agency: 2x2 room: in this room are organized appointments with "very special" clients

    Film studio: 2x2 room, adult movies are being shot in this room

    Server room: 2x2 room, in this room our "hackers" run adult site servers.

    it is divided into production and distribution.


    Main Laboratory: 3x3 Room, here we produce and distribute "drugs" throughout the city

    Greenhouse: 2x2 room produces natural drugs

    Laboratory: 2x2 room produces chemical drugs


    Packing area: 2x2 room allows you to hide the goods in "safe containers" for all the destinations

    Shipping Area: 2x2 room allows you to ship the goods where it is required

    Sale area: 2x2 room, here we sell our "product" directly to our "pharmacy".

    Sooo, yeah, that's all for now and that's all i have in mind.
    There is so much to explore and control, it would be a shame not to invest the money we earn in other activities.
    But if there is anything else that could be helpfull for an update.
  9. ? - Boss - last ride

    ? - Boss - last ride Petty Thief

    Thank you for contributing, I've been hoping someone would. I liked your post and some of the things you bring up but I would like to criticize politely if I may. Arkham underworld is one step removed from the grit of a realistic crime simulation, things are implied not stated. So we have a Chemist, but no discussion about if he makes meth, maybe he makes Venom for Bane. There is enough wiggle room for the game to have younger players, so every suggestion has to be filtered with that in mind. As for making Arkham more like GTA, I don't think it's set up in a way that would benefit from that, it feels like moving in the wrong direction. I do think your casino ideas have something to add to my casino idea. I pictured it in two parts, a card game as an object and a CR sized casino floor with enough space to add the card game to one end, the stage area in the CR. I think adding non-playable slots could be cool. A money sorting room with a bank cage for chip exchange is good too, split half and half like the vault with room for guards. The strip club seems out of place in the world of Arkham, to much like an attempt to be edgy. I have considered making an escort type thug or sentry, I lean toward making her a bodyguard type sentry, but even that seems like it might be over the top. The only way I see it working is as a throwback to the hench girls of Mr. Freeze, or Riddler. If we could select different skins for our sentries and there where unlockable pinup/beefcake models or something. The server room, with room for the hackers. It could give them attacks during raids. Maybe provide a bonus to Riddler. Last but not least, drugs. I think here is where you've contributed gold, almost all the rooms fit with the implied not stated nature of Arkham. A green house, and/or grow op. could be interesting specialty rooms. Either could give Scarecrow a bonus to his fear based attacks. A room designed with an airlock to take the Chemist (maybe both) that provides a bonus to Bane could work. A toy shop work room, for Harley. Mr. Freeze or Croc could benefit from a walk in freezer, although I would be tempted to give Croc a pool or sewer channel he could attack from, increasing his health and giving him surprise. I think the shipping, sales and production rooms could all be kept vague enough to be added if and when we get multiple neighbourhoods. All in all a good post, sorry if I sounded judgemental. I'm grateful that you posted this and gave me a chance to express a few thoughts I have about the tone of Arkham. That even though it's a crime game it seems to tow the line and keep things vague. Thanks again for posting.
  10. Mr.Caputo

    Mr.Caputo New Recruit

    No problems! ^^
    Well, that's true, I didn't think so.
    So I would say that the option "adult fun" is to be discarded. Even though a SPA, a hotel and a nightclub may still fall into that category, and just like the chemist, they are all implied, not stated.

    Also, i would really like to see new areas to expand and controll like the other islands from Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight, since well, gotham docks and chinatown are part of Bleake Island.


    Also, i would like to "take controll" of Diamond District from Arkham Origins

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017 at 7:31 AM
  11. ? - Boss - last ride

    ? - Boss - last ride Petty Thief

    Thanks I've never been very good at criticizing peoples ideas, and I didn't want to discourage you form sharing your thoughts or enthusiasm. That said I don't speak for Turbine, and just because I've been holding back ideas that might be too adult for all players, doesn't mean you have to or should Mr. Caputo. If it helps, part of my process for making suggestions is to think about how much work the artists and programmers have to do to make something in a game like Arkham and that costs money, so is there a financial gain for Turbine. So I think, I want a bigger game, if I had a Lair in each neighbourhood that quadruples the non-attacking play time. It triples (early Lairs are smaller), the number of objects for me to upgrade and Turbine makes money off every ad. I watch. Each neighbourhood had a Lair already so half the work is done, we just need a access to them, so a programmer will need to be payed. If they do go the many Lair route, it will take time because a level editor probably needs to be designed. I do believe that there is another neighbourhood on the way, but that might just be wishful thinking on my part. The Diamond District would make a lot of sense, and be an excellent addition. I would also like to thank you for continuing to post, I can't convince them by my self, so your help is very much appreciated. If your looking for a Syndicate let me know, last ride will make room for you.
  12. Mr.Caputo

    Mr.Caputo New Recruit

    Eheh no problems, i understand that point ^^
    But as i said Nightclubs, SPA and motels/hotels are the perfect "place" for those business.
    Well sounds good, i like the idea to take controll of some areas and made new hideouts. Give me the idea to spend more time and money in those areas, specially for custom our bases. So i think this could be a better way to Turbine and increase popularity and sells/downloads for Arkham Underworld.
    Also specially now that batman telltale is already out, people still wants to play with their heroes. And i think and update with their skins woudn't be a bad idea after all.
    And for the size, maybe, we could actually have the option to "pay" cash, or maybe in diamonds to expand better our loft in that particular area. Or... much better, buy several lofts in that area, so we can have more revenues and respect to harvest.
    Yeah i would like to see Diamond disctrict, too, the hotel in Origins is so great! But also the other islands in Arkham Knight must be part of the game, and well, even the Asylum. Too bad is just a decoration for our main map.

    Eheh, i try, is a good game, too bad once you unlocked chinatown the game turns too boring and doing the same things, unless i reach high levels or all the isotopes for unlocking the last missions of bane and scarecrow.
    Also, just for adding something nice, just like in Arkham Games, would be a nice touch unlocking the 3d sculptures of our characters, goons, main villain, rivals and ally. Or even for the objects we unlock and evolved. Because, well i would like to know how they are in a better view. And concept art of the game, with all the study related.
    Well, my gang is called Arcades (a funny name where i'm the supervillain "The Player, fan of videogames" who wants rule Gotham with the power of videogames and lethal gadgets!!! XD )
    So yeah let's do our best to made much more suggestions!

    Oh speaking of the devil, here some other stuff:

    Since we have money, we could invest in legal activities like:
    in this shop we sell and purchase diamonds to all Gotham, we need a special factory to reproduce those diamonds, specially with the use of isotops and laboratory designed to create them, with the right price. Yeah, we know that there are other ways to get diamonds easy, but this would be more funny. Sure when we try to collect the diamonds we need time, like 24h, but we need to collect soon, or if rivals can raid our shop and stole all the diamonds, specially if they are not well defended.

    Garage and gun workshop:
    our place to sell stolen car, or create new one by scraps and parts of stolen cars. Same with guns for our goons and even for our super criminals.
    This shop would allow more revenues and a bonus of damnage for our criminals. We only need new loot like, scrap metals, battery, circuits, chips and bullets

    Restaurant/fast food:
    easy way for farming fast money, like hot dogs, pizza, hamburger, chinese food, sushi bar, sandwiches, bread, candies, cupcakes, donuts or tacos

    another way to made fast money is having a personal mall, selling what the common people need, such as
    Consumer electronics like home appliances, as tv, fridges, toaster, coffee machines, microwave ovens, computers, video games and consoles.
    Clothing, from the economic to the expensive dress that people wants to wear
    Food, unlike the fastfood, we seel foodstuff like liquors, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, pasta, frozen foods
    Household items: blankets, beds, mattresses, chairs, toilet paper, detergents, toothpastes.

    I guess sometimes we could get some objects from our activities like the isotops for Bane when we research new "isotops cocktails" in our lab, and maybe more objects we get, the more are important to upgrade buildings, or even unlock new areas, skins and quests. Sure money, diamond and respect still take part, but these objects are just an addition to the price.

    since there are many docks in all gotham, i'm surprised that we can't use them to ship and get new objects, money, respect, isotops. As crimelord of course we need to take controll of those traffics and making more revenues for our criminal empire.
    Every time we send a new shipment, we'll wait time untill the order is done, or spending diamonds for getting a new one. Sure we need to defend our pier, just like a hideout.
    Sure we still have acess to the other business and luxury stuff, but what is really important since is boathouse, which is as big as the supercriminal room.

    Heliport: in some areas full of skyscraper I'm surprised to see so many helicopters and airships, but never see one in our base.
    Reasoning works just like for piers, but we are on the roof of a building. The higher the building is, the larger the space we will use for our air traffic.
    If there were even an airport, it would be a great contribution to our trades and challenges, as well as new stories and new characters to be faced in our climb to power.

    Well that's all, i hope this could be helpfull.
  13. Mr.Caputo

    Mr.Caputo New Recruit

    Another idea I would like to share is the Arkham Manor.
    Playing at the various Gardenscape and Housescape, I wonder if it would be possible to have our manor, too, to restore mission after mission. Room for room, object after object, and customizable, provided you have the right price in money, respect (or diamonds if we want to speed things up). Of course, in those games you have to constantly align all "colored balls" or align special items (such as candy crush) to get the next level, unlock a star or more, and "pay" with those stars the decorations for our garden / manor. But here we are in Arkham Underworld, the clash of clans, of WB for mobile. So we only have to explore levels on levels, or until we unlock new areas and super ciminals.

    And now here we have the "background" of Arkham Manor.
    An old manor now abandoned, named after Amadeus Arkham, who lived there before being interned in his own asylum. For more than a century the manor has been owned by well-known lawyers, businessmen, politicians and industrialists. Then, after the crack of 1929, he was converted several times into a brothel, a hospital, a hotel. To the point of being disputed by the Maroni and Falcone families, and then finally acquired by the Maroni.
    And here we come in, that we get the Manor and begin to restructure our dream Manor.

    The Arkham Manor is divided into several rooms that include:

    Main Hall: The entrance of our manor. Elegant practical and perfect to receive guests

    Servant's dormitories: essential for sleeping your own housekeepers and bodyguards

    Security dorms: indispensable for sleeping the guards.

    Study: Useful to plan our next battles and make conversations with your subscribers or "customers" to acquire new properties or collect revenue.

    Library: huge shelves filled with ancient toms, as well as a place to collect books and treasure maps

    Museum: This room is rich in exotic objects, archaeological finds and artwork of inestimable value. Of course it must be filled. Just "borrow" some of the things, from the "generous" citizens of Gotham. Am I right?
    Kitchen. here our chefs cook and prepare all kinds of tasty food for us and for the rest of our gang

    Dining Room: Useful for receptions, high class dinners, or binge with friends

    Living room: comfortable relax area, with plenty of different sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, glass cupboards and lazy mini bars

    Fun Room: From electronic cabinets, to toys, to miniature, to video games with the latest generation console, and the most expensive computer, here we have fun (well our men more)

    Bathroom: There can not be a home without it.

    Spa baths: Olympic luxury pool, hot tubs and a bar with exotic cocktails. The perfect place to organize a party at the pool.

    Ballroom: Great place to organize parties, karaoke evenings, receptions and other gatherings.

    Bedroom: Our main bedroom.

    Criminal Rooms: Having as our "superhuman" hosts, it is clear that we can decide who will stay and protect our home from the assaults of the enemies. As with the control room in our shelter, these rooms can "change" according to our super criminals.

    Cinema Room: a great cinema with a huge collection of videos, cartoons and major movie masterpieces produced by Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network.

    Casino: a small personal casino. it's always fun to try luck with your friends too!

    Laboratory: At one time, Amadeus Arkham had experiments in this underground structure, but by now it is so obsolete that it can be converted into a room for enhancing our activities and monitoring the city even better. (our personal batcave)

    Arsenal: here are the guards for our criminals

    Caveau: As in our hiding place, we need a huge caveau to guard every precious good.

    Garage: here we repair and collect vehicles.

    From here we go outside:

    Greenhouse: here we expand our collection of rare exotic plants and flowers

    Zoo: Here we expand our collection of animals, fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians and exotic birds.

    Garden: A large garden surrounding the Arkham Manor, with a bit of maintenance can become a great place to see.

    Swamp: The Arkham Manor looks out over the Gotham Swamp and a part of it falls into your property, it is perfect for boating boats and fishing for fish

    Gazebo: an old gazebo now in ruins. Perfect for outdoor receptions.

    Church: an ancient Gothic chapel.

    Cemetery: Inside the property there is an ancient cemetery, who knows what secrets it hides. It would be better to fix it and clean it from debris.

    Astronomical observatory: here we observe the stars and the urban landscape.

    I was also thinking: if Bruce has Alfred, the butler, why not have a waitress / housekeeper? It would be funny if she is completely naive, good and she thinks only to keep the house clean and orderly.

    Well, that's all the Arlham Manor folks.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017 at 6:56 PM
  14. ? - Boss - last ride

    ? - Boss - last ride Petty Thief

    Don't have time to write much but I've been thinking about three special lairs. Kane county mansion, an Ace laboratory, and a surprise I'll add more detail later. Thanks for helping, together we'll make Arkham better.

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