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Harley Abilities

Discussion in 'Super-villains Discussion' started by Abc - beat the bat, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. So I finally I unlocked level 5 abilities. Which means I have to take out a point from either the grenade level 4 or missed me level 3.
    Anyone have any suggestions/input regarding which one would be better. or just pros and cons in general?
  2. sos123

    sos123 Thug

    Easy one, dump Missed me lvl 3, keep Mayhem Lvl 4.

    This is, as far as I know, the proper way to configure Harley all the way to rank 12:
    Jack of Hearts: Lvl 5,
    Missed Me: Lvl 2,
    Mayhem: Lvl 4,
    Bad Dog: Lvl 1 and
    Batter Up: Lvl1.

    @Chelu , would you agree?
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  3. Ye those are the lanes im aiming for right now. But I saw somewhere, that missed me 3 is good.
    Just wanted to get opinions :D
  4. Chelu

    Chelu Assassin

    You saw that about missed me 3 in my post most likely :).
    Increasing Harley's attack speed is useful, and she does do noticeably more damage whether she's taking out Bane or a boring old max level door. I still use Missed Me 3 versus Jack in the box 5. However, Jack in the box 5 with grenades is not something to scoff at either. It's amazing at clearing a room of mines and traps if given enough time. The grenades it throws seem random but if you have only a couple of defenders and some mines/barrels scattered over in one room, by the time it dies there's a very good chance that it took out all the mines and barrels.
    So up to you which you pick. Try them both. If you're still active enough you only need a couple of days to respeck a level 12 villain. I just don't care enough to respeck my Harley anymore :(
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