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Guys Without The Latest Update Keep Attacking My Base

Discussion in 'Bug Reports and Customer Support' started by Chelu, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Chelu

    Chelu Assassin

    So I don't know if this is a bug per se, but might as well put it here. Yesterday I updated the game to the latest version. A few hours later I went in and saw some people had attacked my base but I could not watch the replays. Figured that since it was the day of the update, those guys must have attacked me before I updated and thus I lost the replays since they were in a different version of the game. But then today I get a couple more of those guys. Now my game was definitely updated before these last couple attacked me. Still no replays. Now let me tell you, I like my replays. They show me the vulnerabilities of my base. I learn from successful attacks, and swell with pride when the attacker has to run away with nothing, leaving their super villain to keep me company on top of it all. For previous updates, I could not attack players' bases if the players had updated already and I still hadn't. What gives? Has that rule changed? Is it only applicable for major updates? Technically I don't care, except for the missing replays. If you make the replays work across multiple versions of the game I have no issue whatsoever. As it is though, a player without an updated game should not be allowed to attack me until they update their game.
  2. Red Panda Knight

    Red Panda Knight Administrator Staff Member

    Can you send us a screenshot of your log and let us know the names of the ones that you can't view?
  3. Chelu

    Chelu Assassin

    You're in luck, I still have them in my logs. Everything in between that is from the same gangs (some attacked me multiple times) is the same: can't see replay. The first screenshot is the one that I am sure was after I updated. I am pretty sure the other two were as well, but let's just say it was around the same time I did the update, maybe within an hour or two after I'd say.

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  4. DrJ

    DrJ Gunman

    That just means that THEY haven't updated.
  5. Chelu

    Chelu Assassin

    I know. It's what I was complaining about. They didn't update, but can still raid me robbing me of my raid on my base replay.
  6. Wild eep

    Wild eep New Recruit

    All raids on my hideout for the last few days have no replay data.
  7. Jim655321

    Jim655321 New Recruit

    I know this is pretty old, but every raid conducted on my hideout since I've installed the game has given me this error. I've yet to see a single replay work on Android with the current version of the game (according to the Google Play Store).
  8. Red Panda Knight

    Red Panda Knight Administrator Staff Member

  9. Jim655321

    Jim655321 New Recruit

  10. Red Panda Knight

    Red Panda Knight Administrator Staff Member

    That's the original post date. We update the thread as issues get resolved or pop up.
  11. Hi, got this information from Game Support about the Raid Data:

    Regarding the issue you are encountering with the replay feature, please attempt the following steps in the order listed before launching the game again:

    1. Ensure that you have the latest update of your Android OS. Make sure you do not have any custom software running (jailbreaking) on your device
    2. Make sure you have downloaded the game from the official Google Play Store and are using a compatible mobile device. Please note that if you are playing the game using an emulator program, you may continue to experience issues and we do not officially support them.
    3. Check the Google Play Store to verify whether there is an update to the game
    4. Ensure that the game is installed on your primary storage (not an SD card) and that you have at least 2 GBs of free of storage space
    5. Close all other background apps
    6. Reboot your device
    7. Make sure your device is connected to a secure WiFi hub
    8. Put your device into ‘Airplane mode’ for a few seconds to help clear the cache before launching the game
  12. Popious

    Popious Petty Thief

    Wait a minute, you're telling me that you can view raid data on android? I've been playing for fucking MONTHS without having ever been able to see a single raid. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. "raid data unavailable".

    Oh, and I just read over that list. I keep that stuff up to date and set up right apparently. No raid data has ever been available. I've just learned how to reconstruct a raid based on chalk outlines.
  13. Nope, never said I can view Raid data. That list that I posted here is from the Support team when I raised the issue why I can not view Raid Data. I checked everything as listed & I met those as mentioned, but I still got the same thing saying such data is not available.

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