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Characters That Should Be Added To The Game Soon

Discussion in 'Super-villains Discussion' started by Lucas And Pingu, May 3, 2017.

  1. Lucas And Pingu

    Lucas And Pingu New Recruit

    This are the characters that should be added

    Poison Ivy
    The Mad Hatter (Look it up)
    Killer Moth
    Two Face
  2. Chelu

    Chelu Assassin

    Well, the list should start with the ones that have been at least somewhat confirmed, namely Two Face, and Poison Ivy. In that order. But seeing as it is taking forever to even get Two Face out (been 5 months now since Bane came out), I am not holding my breath even for Ivy anymore, let alone any of the others. By the time those other ones would be ready, I think the development team will have packed up and moved on to other projects...
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  3. Mahsa Quinn

    Mahsa Quinn Petty Thief

    I would loved to have CatWoman as supervillain...but she isn't a criminal like us , lol....she don't kill others but still would loved to have her! tho i don't think they add anymore super-villains to the game for a long time
  4. Akashascosset

    Akashascosset New Recruit

    the mad hatter is legit
  5. Well, if they're goin to base things on the Storyline of the Arkham Game, which the Ark.Underworld is actually a prequel, I would say Clayface is my preference.

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