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Better Be Safe Than Sorry :d

Discussion in 'Tips and Tactics' started by Jerser Dumayag, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Placing of safes around the hideout can indeed delay attackers. But do not place it where it can be used as cover by your attackers instead of your own defenders.
  2. Nicronous

    Nicronous Gunman

    You are not wrong but placing safes around the hideout can also make a 1 star against the control room much more profitable when it is done incorrectly.
    I keep most of my safes in my vault, because by default attacking thugs will attack any unopened safe prior to entering the vault itself, and this can slow down or thwart a 2 star attempt.
    Recent changes to my base have forced me to remove a few so now I use one to stop Banes charge, another good use is to get attacking thugs stopped long enough to be caught in Banes gas attack.
  3. yes, a well placed Safe can be a good trap to be gassed later by Bane. to stop Bane from getting out the CR after charging, I believe that was the idea that I saw with one Hideout. The Safe was placed next to a window, but the villain was Harley. I just happen to blast the window open with the Safe still intact. It then became a good cover while my goons gun down Harley.

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