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Beat The Bat

Discussion in 'Syndicates' started by Abc - beat the bat, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Thuglife123

    Thuglife123 Petty Thief

    Lol i think you need to get a life, putting money in this game kinda shows your iq
  2. assuming Ive put in money to this game makes me wonder what your IQ is XD
    still free to play lol. not a dollar spent.
    but im flattered you think ive spent money because that suggests that you think Im doing extremely well XD
    it's ok little boy, dont cry. I wish I could lead a "thuglife" XD
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
  3. Darkseid24

    Darkseid24 Punk


    Well I bought Scarecrow back then ( like a year ago) and he definitely was worth the price. Could have never waited so long until I would get him for free.

    We are now the #1 syndicate in terms of dominance and currently #2 in terms of stars.
    Syndicate will be open for a LIMITED time only. Active players with high dominance get in quick. Last chance :D
    Comment below or direct message or request in-game to join.

    Thank you!!!
  5. Dimondere

    Dimondere Petty Thief

    Congratulations btb))))

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