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Bane Charges Through Closed Doors And Other Bugs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports and Customer Support' started by dholston, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. dholston

    dholston Petty Thief

    I've noticed some odd quirks lately. These bugs don't happen consistently, but when they do it totally messes up a raid. Here's what has happened in the past week...

    1. Bane's bull charge - He's running through closed doors, but the door remains in place.
    2. My requested thugs don't always deploy when I hit the button. It will register the action by telling me to choose a room, but then won't allow me to actually select a room.
    3. Same thing as number 2. Harley's Jack-in-the-box sometimes doesn't deploy when I hit the button, but it instructs me to choose a destination for it.
    4. Same thing as number 3, but with Mr. Freeze's gun.
    5. The demoman sleeps on the job. He'll blow open the vault, but won't leave the room to continue the raid until I hit the new orders command.
  2. All of these have already been reported months ago, but no fixes yet :(
    just keep hoping
  3. Darkseid24

    Darkseid24 Punk

    Yeah the Bane bug happened to me a few times. It gets annoying, but I try to ignore it.
  4. Dragnmistris

    Dragnmistris Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry guys :( These bugs are definitely logged with our team.
  5. Had Bane cornered. He Bull Charges away through closed doors and drops gas killing all my gun men. Now THAT's a Super villian.

    So broken.
  6. Chelu

    Chelu Assassin

    Sucks when you're the one attacking, awesome when you see this happening to someone attacking your Bane defended base :p
  7. use if Bane is a waste when you encountered one as a defender but can not even put up a fight. :);)

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